Planned Film to Reveal State of Electric Vehicle Movement in U.S.

GOe3 Kicks off National Plug-In Day with the filming of “Building the Electric Highway”

MESA, Ariz. (September 12, 2013) On September 29th, the nation’s most fervent supporters of electric vehicles (EVs) will celebrate National Plug In Day, an annual EV awareness event sponsored nationally by Plug In America, the Sierra Club and the Electric Auto Association. This year, GOe3 CEO Bruce Brimacombe is drawing even more eyes and cameras to the cause by embarking that day on a 3-week journey across the country to garner support for increased electric vehicle adoption and interstate mobility for EV drivers.

Route 66The docudrama film follows Brimacombe’s journey through over 30 cities, rallying support from city officials, and taking viewers behind the complex and politically charged scenes of the electric vehicle industry’s exciting momentum in the United States. The film aims to highlight the relative ease and affordability of a nationwide shift to electric vehicles, helping to break the country’s addiction to oil. Producers hope to relay the many powerful ways that individuals and corporations can work in concert with Federal, State and local governments to contribute to the success of the EV movement.

Last year, Brimacombe’s company broke ground on the country’s first coast-to-coast electric highway, with the goal of providing the necessary infrastructure for inter-state and cross-country travel for all modern EV drivers. GOe3’s uniquely designed E3 Fast Charge Stations can charge EVs in as little as 20 minutes, and features technology that is easily adaptable to evolving plug standards. Its interactive display screens are built to support geo-targeted advertising, finally bringing a sustainably profitable business model to the EV charging industry.

“EVs are no longer just the green choice,” said Brimacombe. “They are clearly the economical choice.” And that’s the message he is bringing to Middle America.

Kicking off in Tucson, AZ, the filmed tour will include the following cities:

Santa Monica, Barstow, Kingman, Seligman, Flagstaff, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Canyon City, Pueblo, Denver, Amarillo, Oklahoma City, Little Rock, Memphis, Nashville, Ashville, Greensboro, Raleigh, Richmond, Washington DC, New York, Boston, Atlantic City, Virginia Beach, Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Savannah, Myrtles, Dallas, Abilene, Tucson, and Phoenix.

The film is being produced by Cave Creek Entertainment’s Gary Purviance, whose portfolio includes work for Republic Pictures, Spelling Entertainment, Artisan Entertainment, and Atlantic. “Building the Electric Highway” is expected to release to the public early next year.


GOe3 is changing popular perceptions about renewable energy by demonstrating to America the viability of electric vehicles. Its proprietary EV Fast Charge Station design is providing coast-to-coast infrastructure needed to support increased “range confidence”. Its unique multi-faceted business plan monetizes EV charging, creating a sustainable network of stations to support exponential growth. To learn more about GOe3’s fast charge stations and business loyalty program, as well as its docudrama, National EV Road Rally, and reality TV show currently in development, please email

Media Contact:

Ashley Torresala
ashley at propelcommunications dot com



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