GOe³ Unveils Electric Vehicle (EV) Fast Charge Station in Picacho Peak

Grand Opening Celebration:

Saturday, December 8, 2012 – 12pm-5pm
Bowlin Travel Centers – Picacho Peak Plaza

MESA, Ariz. – (November 28, 2012) Electric Vehicle travel between Tucson and Phoenix is now possible, with a 20-minute pit-stop at Bowlin Travel Centers Picacho Peak Plaza. Arizona based start-up, GOe³ is celebrating the 1st of 26 planned publicly accessible Electric Vehicle (EV) Fast Charge Stations in Arizona, blazing the trail of a 1000 unit Electric Highway that will make fuel-free coast-to-coast travel a reality by 2015.

Team with Secretary of State Ken BennettGOe³ Fast Charge Stations are addressing almost every hurdle previously presented by Electric Vehicle travel:

Efficiency: Offering a Level 3/2 combination unit which includes a Level 3 DC fast charger and a Level 2 (70 amp) charger, these stations can charge an electric vehicle in aslittle as 20 minutes, getting road travelers back on the road quickly. Many currently installed electric charging stations provide only aLevel 2 (30 amp) charging mechanism, requiring at least a few hours to charge an electric vehicle.

Compatibility:  Many current EV Charging Stations can only support certain electric vehicle brands or plugs. GOe³ technology supports most all modern electric vehicles, including the Ford Focus EV, Tesla, and Nissan Leaf.

Adaptability: Built for the future, GOe³ Charging Stations are designed toadapt to changing technologies in electric vehicle construction, able to be easily upgraded without the use of heavy machinery.

“This is about dollars and cents,” says Bruce Brimacombe, CEO of GOe³, who will be speaking at the Grand Opening Event. “Regardless of any environmental agenda, electric vehicle travel is an inevitable future because Americans are realizing that it simply makes financial sense.”

GOe³’scoast-to-coast network of up to 1000 charging stations, powered by Eaton,over the next 3 years will allow cross-country travel via electric vehicles by 2015. Brimacombe sees Arizona as a key hub for the project’s initiation, home to branches of I-10, I-8, and I-40.

Focused on educating the public while the infrastructure is installed, GOe³’s next launch is a documentary film and reality television show that will involve and inform Americans on the future viability of Electric Vehicles.


Ÿ  Date:  Saturday, December 8, 2012 12 pm – 5 pm; Ribbon cutting at 2:30 pm

Ÿ  Location: Picacho Peak Plaza located on Interstate 10 (Exit 219) halfway between Phoenix and Tucson

Ÿ  Free and Open to the Public

Ÿ  Speakers include Secretary of State, Ken Bennett, and Reps from several Arizona cities and Clean Cities coalitions

Ÿ  Free test drives of electric cars and raffle prizes

Ÿ  Education on Electric Vehicles and GOe³ Charging Stations with Bruce Brimacombe, CEO of GOe³

Ÿ  Free family entertainment includes: Bouncy houses and face painters



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